Amini Concepts



You want more than just a theme and décorations. You want style. You want an experience that embraces your guest’s senses and takes them on a spectacular and memorable journey they never want to leave. Create a look and feel that encapsulates who you are and what you represent, incorporating colour combinations, attention to detail and exceptional ambience.



From the smallest floral arrangement to the largest stage set, carrying iconic elements of your concept through everything you present creates the foundation of a well styled event. Inspirational out of the box creative concepts and design will set the foundation and standard for all future amazing events.



Whether you are planning your dream wedding or an annual corporate event, knowing the smallest detail is looked after is paramount to your success. You are engaging some of the industry’s sharpest creative minds who have worked on hundreds of events just like yours to create unique memories.



You don’t just want a celebration, you want someone to deliver your vision. Bringing together the little details is all you care about and that begins from the moment we meet. It’s the finishing touches and the feelings they bring that creates an exceptional desire of wanting more.

Amini Concepts
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